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The undeveloped story by Anberlin is part of the album "Blueprints for the Black Market" and comes under the genre Rock,General. It was released on 17 Nov 2009 under the label of TOOTH & NAIL RECORDS. Copyright holded by (C) 2009 Tooth & Nail Records.

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Lyrics of The undeveloped story

Taking all what others have hassled
Looking back to darker days getting me down
And if this is chaos
I think that I'm in love with clamor
Tides are turning
never understood my undeveloped story
But it makes sense to me, you make sense to me

When it all falls down, I'll still be right here
When it all falls down, we'll still be right here
Once in a lifetime, I could feel this way
Once in a lifetime, you could feel it too

Cancel your black subscription
I'm nowhere near a cigarette
And I'm cut clear as you wander
Past this lonely street and wonder
Dance all night, dance all night
The kids are all here, and we're downtown
We're past the morning glory
It's ten past two
and I'm still working on forty


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