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Lyrics of The Ballad Of Johnny Lo

Johnny Lo, he was an Anchorage Joe, and he'd been going out to school in L.A.
Peggy Sue, she was a college kid too, and she had driven out from Chesapeake Bay
And they were young in love, they fell the day they met
And things with them were as good as things get

Johnny Lo, he had some money he owed, and dodging creditors is always a bitch
Johnny knew that what he needed to do was suck it up and go back home for the fish
So Johnny took a plane and got back on that boat
And all the way the lump was in his throat

Peggy Sue was pretty broken up too, she spent the weekend watching movies in bed
She would cry at unpredictable times and either miss her man or wish he was dead
But she would never stray, she wanted it that way
At least that's what she told herself that day

Adam Tan, he was a triangle man who didn't know what he was getting into
Peggy Sue had nothing better to do than get some tanning done and work at the zoo
There wasn't any plan, but then there never is
She had her own world and he had his

Billie Jean, she was a fisherman's dream as she was shouting orders down at her men
Johnny Lo, he had a season to go before he'd get to see his lover again
And Billie had a thing for quiet men like John
She hoped the way she smiled would turn him on

Adam Tan, he drove a purple sedan and liked to take it out whenever he could
Peggy Sue, she drove a purple car too and liked to drive it out in West Hollywood
And so it came to be that one day they should meet
And share a cigarette out in the street

Billie Jean had found the man of her dreams and she was trying to line him up in her sights
Johnny Lo knew she was ready to go but not with Peggy Sue, it didn't feel right
And so he'd look away and try to act polite
And hate himself for wanting her at night

Peggy Sue, she didn't know what to do, except that standing by her man would be tough
Adam Tan was never part of the plan, but Johnny's photograph was never enough
And isn't that the way that these things always start
People fall in fast and plans fall apart

Johnny woke and felt the cigarette smoke like it was oozing out of every pore
Billie Jean, yeah she was deep in a dream as Johnny dressed and made his way to the door
The cold Alaskan air, it cleared his guilty head
And told him he and Peggy would be wed

Peggy Sue, yeah she was waking up too inside a tent next to a purple sedan
She felt good but didn't know if she should as Adam stirred against the palm of her hand
And isn't that the way that these things always end
She hoped that she and John could still be friends


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