Lyrics of Sweet Verity


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Lyrics of Sweet Verity

When I woke up I was still in a dream
The rain was clear dividing what was true in the scene
And she walked out of a place in the shade
The rain was slightly beaded, on her hair as it receded, from a soul that clearly needed a place in my heart, at least that's what I thought at the start

Well I called her Sweet Ms. Verity Lou
She smiled just like a mystic land I'd never been too
And she was Beauty indeed
Her flaws beyond detection, oh she'd never faced rejection, oh I think she was perfection but I think too quickly and now I see

That she was
The one and only cause
Of misery
Sweet Verity

Well I courted her for all of my life
She shimmered from a distance when the lighting was right
But she must have planted a million seeds
Of wavering devotions, and of volatile emotions, oh she killed off Newton's motion, and I know she's a tease, I'm begging please, listen to me

That she is
The cause of all of this
Sweet Verity

So forget all of your philosophies
Forget about Plato and forget Socrates
Cause they died, and so will we
But instead of being haunted, by the things you always wanted, oh you could have just responded by closing your eyes and opening up wide

And she'll be
The plague of all humanity
Sweet Verity
And she's a dream
Sweet Verity
And she's a dream


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