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Seven days by Mind's Eye is part of the album "A Gentleman's Hurricane" .

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Lyrics of Seven days

I'm here to clear my conscience for a while
Let you know what kind of monster I am
Taking life, that is the only gift
Of which I have been blessed with
Always disguised, even your eyes they lie

I have carried on for centuries
Taking orders from the men of the light
Making sure I'm always paid enough
I'm greedy you know
11 bags of cash
Blood money barely touched

I shed a tear
I didn't know I had them
Last time I cried it was for fear
Those memories I thought I've long forgotten
Haunt me at night, like the howling winds outside
Killing is how I stay alive

Just like your lord created earth in seven days
That's what I have, no second more to mark my pray
I am the wolf and they are sheep, easy to tame
There's no crime
In praying for time
Seven days

A mission to detain democracy
In a land where a red rose makes the rules
I hope this other half enjoyed the flick
At the cinema show
No guard in sight, the stairs, a freedom path



One shot's enough for a red rose to wither

How straight is your spine after I'm done

Let the angels cry and carry you home
Sleep like a stone, your time here is done

In time I will dance on your grave
In time I will dance

Condemn me
I'm guilty
Candles blow out when you're near


I know you
Despise you
But I need your help


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