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Seed Toss by Superchunk comes under the genre Alternative Rock,American Alternative , Alternative Rock,General , Alternative Rock,Indie & Lo-Fi , Pop,General , Pop,Pop Rock , Rock,General. It was released on 02 Jun 1992 under the label of Merge Records.

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Lyrics of Seed Toss

I put a stake in your spokes
And you better laugh at my jokes
You better memorize this face
You better stay in my good graces

Cause (and) here you come on your broom
Your mood ring's turning brown
You will begin to feel it soon
You're tossing your seeds around

You better memorize this face
You better stay right in your place
I draw the lines here from now on
And your picture's already drawn
And this movie goes on to long
And this coffee's a little to strong
And i think that i'm running on
Well i guess that i'm running



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