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Push button by Stolen babies is part of the album "There Be Squabbles Ahead" and comes under the genre Alternative Rock,General , Hard Rock & Metal,Alternative Metal , Hard Rock & Metal,General , Pop,General , Rock,General. It was released on 03 Oct 2006 under the label of The End. Copyright holded by 2006 No Comment Records / The End Records.

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Lyrics of Push button

The world is a ploy
The world is a ploy to train you and shame you
A leash of employ
The rake sweeps and servers, dry leaves are the weak
A breakthrough could break you the day that you see

Hanging by a thread to the miniature things
Our loved ones are leaning on something they can't see

If you want to take, if you want to give
When you find a meaning, you'll find it short-lived
The gifts and opportunities that come or go or stay
The buttons there for you to push are only in the way

Buttons so vivid, your soul could seem gray
The world all around you entices you to play
Come on! come out!

You have a choice to make
The push button glows in wait...

The more you believe, the less that you think
The less that you think, the more that you speak
The more that you speak, the less that you see
The less that you see, the more you believe

The world is a ploy, the world is a ploy
A break-through will break you, a break-through will break you

The less they are thinking, the more they believe
My loved ones are leaning on something they can't see

Come on! come out!


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