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Lyrics of Poseidon says

Unlike this velvet sky
I am relieved of all my duties now
If only you and I
Could have agreed on a more pleasant bye
No regrets, no false threats
So carpe diem, you can never be too sure
In these shoes I felt calm
Concrete and wood that held me safe and sound
When waken to this call
Thought immortality was in my blood
Wrong again, what a bitter end
I hoist the sails to find out if I still serve you or not

How could I let you convince me into this false world?
Breathing, eating your poor gifts, I sacrificed my soul
For what? For whom?
Fragile hearts came to me craving to forgive their sins
With wings or feathers all confessing to their wicked thoughts
The weight of all this, is just too much

To fall, to stand
Every damn minute is an hour
Too deep, to mend
Just like the cancer in my heart

See the wind hit the water
Watch the storm kiss the rain
Hoist the sails and face your fate
Poseidon says
Your time has now come
Poseidon says: "Obey my rules, in my kingdom"

The Sea is telling me to back off with it's biggest waves
Tormenting me with rain so hard it feels almost like rocks
No way, I'm going back
I've drawn the line
Suddenly I see my sail break, leaving me no choice
My only chance of going further is now by my own
I see, I'm needed here but for what?

To fall, to stand...

See the wind hit the water...

I've awaken you from the sleep of a giant
Soon I'll rest with you
Before you write my doom
Let me tell you my story
This much you owe me
Please let the man speak
What did I do to make you angry?
I always followed by the book
There's no other vision
There was no doubt about you
You took away my precious gift
I cannot see into your thoughts
I cannot walk these waters like you, like you
"Here is a gift, for serving thy name so valiantly"
Finally! I'm walking on H2o

See the wind hit the water...
Who is the one behind the mask?...
Heal my karma don't let go...
See the wind hit the water...


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