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Lyrics of Obama-Rama Yeah

Obama Rama

Obama Rama yeah

Obama Rama

Obama Rama yeah

say what

Obama Rama

Obama Rama yeah


Obama Rama

Obama Rama yeah

[Verse 1]

the stock market is up a bit

Obama Rama yeah

because of a package of stimulus

Obama Rama yeah

people lose their jobs

but a little bit slower

Obama Rama yeah

crude oil's trading

just a bit lower

Obama Rama yeah

Wanna shake the hand of Barack Obama

maybe on Passover or the 1st day of Channukah

meet him at a zoo in Alabama

he'll buy us some food

to feed



[Chorus 2]

don't know much about what he did

Obama Rama yeah

wish he was president

when I was a kid

Obama Rama yeah

Nixon would never

talk at my school

I wrote a song 'bout Obama

cause he's cool

[Verse 2]

wanna rank so high on Google

Obama Rama yeah

wrote a song 'bout Obama:

that's using my noodle

Obama Rama yeah

becoming popular using the President's name

Obama Rama yeah

I'll sell downloads, I'll have fame

Obama Rama yeah

Wanna shake hands with the Free World's leader

maybe on Purim or before Kol Nidre

or see a Ford commercial with Derek Jeter

or another company

bailed out by

stimulus feeder

[Verse 3]

named for a general

in the Book of Judges

Obama Rama yeah

who kicked the butt out of the

Canaanite grudges

Obama Rama yeah

put a trillion in the economy

Obama Rama yeah

the biggest change in all history

Obama Rama yeah

Wanna shake hands with Mr Barack

ask him if the stimulus will raise my tax

he'll tell me 'bro, I got your back'

he's gonna end the war in Iraq

[From the 17th CD "DiKtatoR-17" (JDub Records/Bad'lan USA) (2009)]


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