Lyrics of Never Lost


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Lyrics of Never Lost

They saw the clouds on the horizon
Nobody seemed to be concerned
Jesus said they must cross the water
Now He was sleeping in the stern
Quick as the flash of summer lightning
Caught on a sea of crashing waves
Waking Him up and crying, Save us!
They didn't need to be afraid

Never lost
He knows where you're going
Never lost
Even though the wind is blowing
And there may be some stormy seas
He says you must cross
But with Jesus at your side
You're never lost

We used to rise and face the morning
Like it was just another day
But now we know that without warning
How quickly everything can change
It's like we're standing in a doorway
And what lies beyond we cannot see
As we step into the next moment
Or into eternity


Mountains crumble
And crash into the sea
Kings and kingdoms do the same
But if we place our trust
In what we cannot see
Our faith in Jesus will remain

CHORUS (repeat)

Never lost


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