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Ms. Jackson by OutKast is part of the album "Stankonia" .

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Lyrics of Ms. Jackson

Yeah this one right here goes out to all the baby's mamas, mamas...
Mamas, mamas, baby mamas, mamas
Yeah, go like this

I'm sorry Ms. Jackson (ooh)
I am for real
Never meant to make your daughter cry
I apologize a trillion times
I'm sorry Ms. Jackson (ooh)
I am for real
Never meant to make your daughter cry
I apologize a trillion times

A baby drama mama, don't like me
She doing things like havin' her boys come from her neighborhood
To the studio tryin' to fight me
She need to get a, piece of the American pie and take her bite out
That's my house, I disconnect the cable and turn the lights out
And let her know her grandchild is a baby, and not a paycheck
Private schools, daycare, shit, medical bills, I'll pay that
I love your mom and everything, see I ain't the one who laid down
She wanna rip you up, start a custody war, my lawyer stay down
She never got a chance to hear my side of the story we was divided
She had fish fries and cookouts
On my child's birthday I ain't invited
Despite it, show her the utmost respect when I fall through
All you, do is defend that lady when I call you, yeah


Me and your daughter
Got a special thing goin' on
You say it's puppy love
We say it's full grown
Hope that we feel this
Feel this way forever
You could plan a pretty picnic
But you can't predict the weather, Ms. Jackson

Ten times out of nine, now if I'm blind fine
The quickest muzzle throw it on my mouth and I'll decline
King meets queen, then the puppy love thing, together dream
Bout that crib with the good year swing
On the oak tree, I hope we feel like this forever
Forever, forever, ever, forever, ever?
Forever never seems that long until you're grown
And notice that the day by day rule can't be too long
Ms. Jackson my intentions were good I wish I could
Become a magician to abracadabra off the sadder
Thoughts of me, thoughts of she, thoughts of he
Askin' what happened to the feelin' that her and me
Had, I pray so much about it need some knee, pads
It happened for a reason one can't be, mad
So know just know that everything is cool
And yes I will be present on the first day of school, and graduation


Uh, uh, yeah
"Look at the way he treats me", shit, look at the way you treat me
See your little nose ass home girls got they ass up in the creek G
Without a paddle, you left the straddle and ride this thing on out
And the union girl aint speakin' no more 'cause my dick all in her mouth
Know what I'm talkin' about, jealousy, and fidelity, envy
Cheating, beating, and to the G's they be the same thing
So who you placin' the blame on, you keep on singin' the same song
Let bygones be bygones, you can go on and get the hell on
You and your mama

refrain (3x)


'Ms. Jackson' is a song by OutKast and the second single from their fourth album 'Stankonia'. It topped the U.S. charts for the week of February 17, 2001, and won a 2002 Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group. It also reached number one in Germany and number two in the United Kingdom, held from the top spot by Atomic Kitten's 'Whole Again'.

The titular 'Ms. Jackson' is the real-life mother of Erykah Badu, André 3000's ex-girlfriend and the mother of his son Seven. The song discusses the problems that break-ups, separation, and divorce can have on a couple, and the animosity that a woman's mother can have for her daughter's former boyfriend or husband.

The single helped sell the album following mixed reaction to the lead single 'B.O.B.', which failed to chart on the U.S. 'Billboard' Hot 100 and only reached #69 on the 'Billboard' Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. The song samples 'Strawberry Letter 23' by The Brothers Johnson (with pitch shifting and reversing) and features an altered version of a tune from 'Bridal Chorus' from the opera 'Lohengrin' by German composer Richard Wagner (also known as the 'wedding march'), played on piano.

OutKast performed the song for pop singer Janet Jackson in tribute to her on MTV's 'MTV Icon' in 2001, replacing the lyric 'I'm sorry, Ms. Jackson' with 'We love you, Ms. Jackson'.

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