Lyrics of Killing Anger


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Lyrics of Killing Anger

Alone all the time
With your parents always working
The TV was your babysitter

Building bombs,
Just passing your time
Loving guns and playing violent games on your computer

Bullied around, one thing on your mind
They read it in your essays (your essays had it coming)
Full of violence, always hate related

What the hell
The shrink said you were fine
Some blame it on you listening to Marilyn Manson

Unhappy, a loser, depressive, abuser
A feeling for violence
This massacre is making no sense
neurotic, obsessive, pathetic, aggressive
expression is so cool
Killing all the anger, bring your gun to high school

Walking to school one thing on your mind
today is gonna be the day that everybody will remember

You were hurt
And now it's their time
Taking your gun and turn this school into
a shooting ally
Never were so
Trigger happy


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