It happened in Kaloha by Harry Owens and his royal Hawaiians is part of the album "It's a date OST" .

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Lyrics of It happened in Kaloha

Many moons have filled the sky since you were by my side
So many waves have broken on the shore
The dreams we wrote upon the sand have vanished with the tide
But in my heart you'll live for evermore

It happened in kaloha
The night you said aloha
And sailed away across the blue
Forever it seems

Beneath the palms it started
'twas there we kissed and parted
And now I only see you
When I see you in dreams

The island bells call to you across the sea
"come back to me"
Echoes in the night
And now the palms and I are lonely
For we remember only
What happened on the
Island of kaloha one night


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