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Lyrics of I Understand

I think about you every day
Every night, i know you see
I know you think i know you
Feel that i'm right, i wanna
Make things new, let the past
Flow through, i'd love to have
Fun like we used to do.

[rocky b]
I understand what you're
Goin' throgh, if i was in
Your shoes i'd feel like you
And have a clue, but you
Gotta let me into your
Problems, and we can
Innovate, communicate
And gradually solve them.

[flava and krazy]
Hey shortee, hear me,
I understand what you're
Goin' through, its ok baby
I got your back and we can
Make it through, the krazy
Dayz when we get emotinal
And wanna cry just believe
Me shortee, i got your back
And we will make it through.

Come on now girl express
Your feelings to me, if you
Can't explain to me what the
Problem be, and i got your
Back you know that i really
Want you, shortee understand
Coz i know what you're
Goin' through.

Just open up and tell me
What your problems are,
I can understand girl and
I know its been hard, just look
To the future and forget about
The past, open up your heart
Girl don't leave me in the dark.

[repeat chorus]

Girl i know its hard coz
Its been hard for me too,
I understand but i don't
Know what i'm to do, you
Know i want you but do
You really want me, coz
You know i can give you
Everything you really need.

Girl i miss you, girl i want you,
Girl i wanna breathe you,
Girl i wanna hold and need
You, i understand you do
You understand me, if you
Do then come tell me, i need
To know these things, come
And share me with your sins,
Coz i understand you,
I know exactly what you're
Goin' through.

Listen babe, we can go for
A bit, i can show you a life
Never missed, with my hand
On your hip and my lips on
Your lips, we can call it a kiss,
We can hold each other,
We can make a wish.

I can't take it no more, coz
Its hurting me so much that
I can't breathe, coz this pain
Is just far too great for me,
And if you trust in my life,
I'm sure that you will find
That my love that i give will
Never be declined.

[repeat chorus to fade]


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