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How Long by Eagles comes under the genre Classic Rock,General , Country,General , Pop,General , Pop,Pop Rock , Pop,Soft Rock , Rock,Country Rock , Rock,General. It was released on 06 May 2008 under the label of Eagles Recording Company II.

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Lyrics of How Long

Like a bluebird with his heart removed
Lonely as a train
I've run just as far as I can run
If I never see the good old days
Shinin' in the sun
I'll be doin' fine and then some

How long, how long
Woman, will you weep?
How long, how long
Rock yourself to sleep

I've been doin' time in a lonesome prison
Where the sun don't shine
And just outside the freedom river runs
Out there in that shiny night
With bloodhounds on your mind
Don't you know it's the same sad situation


Everybody feels alright
You know, I heard some poor fool sing...
(Somebody oooh...)
Everyone is out there on the loose
Well, I wish I lived in the land of fools
Where no one knew my name
But what you get is not quite what you choose

Tell me, how long, how long
Woman, will you weep?
How long, how long
Rock yourself to sleep

How long, how long
Muddy river runs so deep
How long, how long
Goodnight baby, rock yourself to sleep
Sleep tight, baby, rock yourself to sleep
Bye, bye, bye, bye bye, baby, rock yourself to sleep


'How Long' is the title of a song, recorded and written in 1972, by rock music artist J. D. Souther. The song was included on his 1972 album 'John David Souther' but not released as a single.

In 2007, the Eagles covered the song for their album 'Long Road out of Eden', the group's first full studio album since 1979. A year later, their version of the song won the Grammy Award for Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal, the band's first Grammy since 1979.

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