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Goodbye by Mary Hopkin is part of the album "Those Were the Days" and comes under the genre Pop,General. It was released on 02 Feb 2010 under the label of K-Tel. Copyright holded by 1975 K-Tel.

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Lyrics of Goodbye

Please don't wake me until late tomorrow comes,
And I will not be late.
Late today when it becomes tomorrow.
I will leave to go away.
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye my love goodbye.
Songs that lingered on my lips excite me now
And linger on my mind.
Leave your flowers at my door
I'll leave them for the one who waits behind.
Far away my lover sings a lonely song
And calls me to his side.
When the song of lonely love
Invites me on I must go to his side.
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye my love goodbye.


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