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Gone Fishing by Second Person is part of the album "Come to Dust" .

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Lyrics of Gone Fishing

Meditation on the new
Another version of an I Love You
It's a variation on a theme
It's attraction speaking a different name
Oh you can't imagine how
Nice it is to write it down
Or say it aloud
I mean it means a lot to me
To have proof of the existence of other fish in the sea Oh
I've gone fishing
So long
I've gone fishing
Love was a revolving door
It was a neon sign
That couldn't light the street anymore
I used to think about him all the time
Like going round and round on the circle line
Oh the thing about a broken heart
Is it's like a mechanical toy without its moving parts
Oh but I feel like I'm on the mend
Because I'm getting up and I'm getting dressed and I'm getting out again Oh
I've gone fishing
So long
I've gone fishing
I kit myself out with rods and reels
For to play sardines with the electric eels
Chase little angel fish with graceful tails
Play hide and seek with the killer whales
Maybe a game of catch me if you can
With a submarine upon a bed of sand
You see I am a deep sea diver now
And I have never been afraid to drown Oh
I've gone fishing
So long
I've gone fishing
I've gone fishing
So long
I've gone fishing
and below:
Letting you go, there ain't no time to waste
Letting you know that I'll be gone all day
I've gone fishing
Letting you go
I take it in my stride
Letting you know I won't be back tonight
I've gone fishing


'Gone Fishing' is a song by English trip-hop band Second Person, which will be on the band's forthcoming album 'Come to Dust' - the follow-up to their debut album 'Chromatography'. Due for release in 2008 the song has a music video created by Katy Davis and has received a number of awards from film festivals around the world. The song and video have been used by Cobra Beer in their recent sponsorship of ITV movies in the UK as well as by MTV in the advertising of their new MTV Flux music channel.

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