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Lyrics of Follow the call

I was born one endless night
Where the tyrants and the martyrs
Share the premise
Try to compromise
I grew up a restless child
On the wrong side of the curtain
How I waited for the sun to rise
When the sun finally came
I was blinded
Then discovered what was banned and concealed
Mystery, fantasy, first experience
All that made me heed the call

Follow the call
No matter where it'll take me
Follow the call
So many roads yet to travel
Follow the call
Although it may last forever
I follow the call

So I followed shining sun
To the foreign land of plenty
I was praying for the lucky change
Took some pain to cut my roots
Took some heat to burn the bridges
Took some memories, took it all in vain
Sure, I have brand-new life
Fame and fortune
But somehow I feel this life isn't mine
Many names, but no friends in my area
And I'm dying to belong
One more time


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