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Lyrics of Behind The Bars

Slam of the door
You can hear behind you
Temporal world
falling to pieces
Dying in mist
Agony came
Dreams are blown by the wind

Ruthless fear
Has devoured flesh
Fist made of steel
Is profaning your face
Fist is law here
The world of exiled souls
Dreams are blown by the wind

Behind the bars
The new day is rising
Braced bodies groan
Kills steals your sleep

In dirty walls
Death is laying its snare
Nobody believes
In freedom but still wants

To escape into his dreams
To escape to last

Not count the days
Times left behind the wall
Whisper of prayers
Coming out from your mouth

Hidden in dreams
The world deprieved of bars
Is dissolving
Going away in dark shade

To escape in world of dreams
To escape to last
Though you dream of freedom


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