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Lyrics of Aways Looking For

Without destiny and direction
What I'm looking for I will never find
The passed I lived, always lived in me
Even that the time wanna disappear
It's alive forever in my mind
This passed I had never lived

Called Queen, which lives in my dreams I...
Covert.. But the reality runs after me
During decades, your presence is here
I get sad because your face get dazzle... when I remember…

I didn't think that if I would back one day
That dream would find
Heart bit strong, and hands get trembling..
Because it looked be impossible.. but I saw.. I saw
Almost didn't believe, and the distance didn't show me

My dream, my dream
It looks that our eyes found them at the same way
But everything was impossible, and because of that days pass by
And my mind circulate without way, always looking without direction


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