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Adam & Eve by October Project is part of the album "Falling Farther In" and comes under the genre Pop,General. It was released on 19 Sep 1995 under the label of Epic. Copyright holded by 1995 Sony Music Entertainment Inc..

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Lyrics of Adam & Eve

Only ever really one story
A boy and a girl and a dream of the world, an apple, a kiss
A moment of sky, a moment you choose without knowing why
Burning like a fever inside you
The heat of your skin and the taste of your lips
A shadow, a storm, a darkening sky, the reason you live, the secret you

And God said the reason had hung from the tree, but I feel the reason
hanging on me
I am free of my innocence, falling too far
I am helpless to change, I am hopelessly lost, I am all that you are

I've fallen from all I know to keep you here, I need you here
I wonder how far to go without you here
Only ever really one story
A boy and a girl and the end of the world, a secret, a kiss, a hole in
the sky
The reason you fall, the moment you fly



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