Lyrics of A New Day


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Lyrics of A New Day

A New Day

We talked for hours and lost the time
They say you're all the trouble I could ever find.
But I search inside myself for more
Because I'm sure I've heard those words before
About me

I remember everything you said.
Your words they echo now.
Deep inside my head.
Are you truth and honesty.
Or are you playing that same old Dirty game with me?

And if I stumble through it all.
Will you be there to break my fall?
Like an angel on my shoulder.
You're keeping me alive.
I need you to complete me.
I want a love few people find.

Oh sweet baby try to understand
I've got to know if you're the one
Strong enough to force my hand
If you are real and I let you in
A new day, a new life, a new me
Can then begin

A new day can then begin
A new day for me to live in
A new day without sin
A new day I won't give in
A new day, A new day. Don't give in

Your presence brightens every room
Your smile's a flower in golden bloom
Your hair of silk, a shining brown
My world's a place you wrap your arms around
My new day. My new day

Inspiration Desperation Celebration
Revelation Elevation My New Day

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