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When I'm nothing by DMX is part of the album "The Great Depression" .

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Lyrics of When I'm nothing

Uhh, uhh, uhh, c'mon!
Woo! Uh-huh
Yeah, more real life
That's how it is baby, you know it's real
More real life, you know it's real
From the dog, y'know?
You know it's real, uh-huh
You know it's real
Shit is always real baby, forever

My peoples say they got love for the dog right?
They holla like "Whattup dog?" Alright
Cause no matter what streets in a dog's life
And I'm the type of dog gon' go all night
Some cats think that it's a game that we're playin here
You keep thinkin it's a joke, I ain't playin here
Fuck around if you want, I leave billionaire
Do what, go where? Shit I'm stayin here
This whole motherfuckin rap shit is all mine
Just thought I'd let you know one mo' time
Shit, I ain't said nuttin when it was yo' time
Now, niggaz is mad, cause "Ain't No Sunshine"
And you cats won't like it when the rain hits
That's the nigga X on the same shit
And if you wanna see how fucked up the game gets?
Watch what they do when you ain't shit

What you gonna do when I'm nothing?
You're crazy about my style
What you gonna do when I'm nothing?
Tell me now... oh-ohh

Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh
Every cat I meet like, "Show me love!"
Every girl I meet like, "I want a hug!"
Shit I might be just tryin to pick somethin up
Can I get an autograph - man, what the fuck?!
Is the love gon' be the same when
we start to realize that the game ends
Even me, will I have the same friends?
Even when I ain't got the same Benz
What about when the dough get low
Shoulda peeped money from the get-go
Disappeared, ain't that a bitch yo?
Now you know, that's that bullshit yo
Can't forget all them fake "love you" bitches
Take 'em to the room, wanna fake you bitches
Walk through the mall wanna touch you bitches
Listen! I got a wife, I don't trust you bitches

What you gonna do when I'm nothing?
You're crazy about my style
What you gonna do when I'm nothing?
Please don't have me acting wild
What you gonna do when I'm nothing?
Tell me now
Tell me now, tell me now
Tell me what you gonna tell me?
Tell me tell me
What you gonna tell me?

Holla at the boy if you know the truth
See what I'm doin, I'm tryin to show the youth
Trust me I been through it so I got the proof
Give 'em somethin to eat that ain't gon' break a tooth
And everybody knows how I get down
Show the dog love when he hit town
They don't give a fuck who I'm with now
V.I.P. don't give a fuck where I sit now
All this shit changed but it's still the same
But you gotta do it in order to play the game
Keep shit brief when you say my name
Give me the love, nigga fuck the fame
When the shit is gone, where you gon' be?
When I look no more, what you gon' see?
Shit, a muh'fucker lookin hungry
And even then, is you gon' love me?

refrain (2x)


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