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Lyrics of Waiting

Some people hope an pray
While others throw away their dreams for ordinary
Betraying all they once held holy
Secret desires
How do we find the path to climb the ladder rising
To the clouds we stare and we go on

Waiting… all waiting for a sign

Dreams keep us strong
Looking to the east horizon sun that's rising
Wondering when your day is coming
Where does it all go
Time passes fast, and quick in all directions
Years go by and still we carry on

Waiting… all waiting for a sign
We're waiting… all waiting

As we pain for what could be
Nothing comes too easy
And the dreams that we desire
Sometimes seem miles away
As we struggle for the pride
And hold visions deep inside
Of the beauty of
The sacred prize
‘Cause I'm

Waiting… all waiting
All waiting for a sign
We're waiting… all waiting… all waiting for a sign
Don't let it fade away
Some people pass into the next world never knowing
That dreams are what keep dreamers growing
And waiting… all waiting for a sign


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