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Lyrics of This Song

I explode in prose
Don't ask me, I can't tell you if it's real
The more I seek the less I find
The more I see the void that's on my mind

Eyes closed, three words
Yet it feels like I'm stuck right in the middle
I keep on staring at the signs
But my beating's blind

I wait for the strike to see what it's like

Unsure, obscure
If I can't lay my life down on the paper
When my pen is dry, when my sheet is lie

And I'll carry on, I'll carry on
And I'll sing so loud I won't ever hear myself again
Carried on, I'll carry on
But I'll miss me in this song

I can't let it go
All my memories slip through
I seek the words to describe all my twisted views

These chords
Where my sight is on the lookup for an answer
My thousand songs all end the same
Guess I hope to see the ending change

I'm trying so hard but this pain never leaves
These open scars they're so hard to relieve
Bleeding the heart, falling apart, now
I am still staring at this
Life is so short, we'll see what it's worth now
I'm gone to take my fall

And I'll miss me in this song


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