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The triumph by Skylark is part of the album "Divine Gates, Part I: Gate of Hell" .

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Lyrics of The triumph

Another sunny fighting, another holy lighting,
another way I'm searching for the God eyes.
I would discover something
I'm glad to find the old king that rules alone
and keeps the power in his hands.
I know we reach the triumph, I'm sure we can surprise you,
there is no time, there is no chance without God.
We know the fight is so uneven, the wrong side and the devil,
they really want to be protected by our souls

So take me away where my spirit is rising
and my mind will collect with my soul.
You can't tell me waht is wrong but find a chance to return.
I keep on fighting day by day so I will teach you so strong what I've learned.

My mission is the triumph so I will cross the dark room
until my senses will approach the golden gate.
This journey to the Heaven, a way to live forever,
to keep on fighting in the name of God.


Take away this lightning before it burns our day,
drive our mask of fury in a satanic parade.
There's no time to ask if we really want to stay,
there's one only cure: we save the world again.

Play the game tonight or we will lose our prayer, in this air around,
the clouds will bring a slayer.
We survive again, the time has really come, our flag is rising,
the battle begins.

Take my hand and I lead the way against the monster in this evil day.
I'll get the power, I'm not alone to face the evil's call.
Don't hesitate, don't pray for me 'cause I'm so blind to spend my tears.
The black sword is by my side, so I will let you die.

Heaven and fire are ready to explode through this wall.
The assassin of (the) Princess is the rebel that fight with my soul.
Knight of fantasy please come back to me and the reality will touch my dreams.

Another step to find our life, another step to fight into this night.
Don't be afraid, stay by my side, this is the day to find our triumph!


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