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Lyrics of The pidgen English hula

Honolulu pretty girl stop
Too muchee guru looking
Number one sweet
Naughty eyes make oh! Oh

You bet I know you no got chance
'Nother fella she sweetheart
But today pilikia got
She too much huhu for him

Ahsamala you last night?
You no come see mama, I tink so
You no likee me no more
You to muchee like 'nother girl

'Nother fella likee me too
He number one guru look
He too much aloha
Ha ha ha ha, hahahaha auwe
Ha ha ha ha, hahahaha auwe

(Spoken) This funny kine fella
He think this girl no got brain
She too smart, yes
I tell you true

(Sung) She smart! Too smart
(Spoken) He feel sick inside
Yes, but what the use?
Too late now, she mad like

He go down the knee, he like forgive
You know what she been tell him?

(Sung) I no likee you no more
You no more come my place
Bymby this new one girl you forget
She no allee samee me

Sure I know you going pupule
You pupule loa for me
Your number one sweetheart
Ha ha ha ha, hahahaha auwe
Ha ha ha ha, hahahaha auwe


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