Lyrics of The Heretic


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Lyrics of The Heretic

The Heretic

He was an Disgrace for human Race
Talk about paradise nothing but lies
He poisened your brain then he is insane
Think he is gods child not from this world
He prays to mankind please stop the sin
Live all in love and gods realm will come

He fell from the star you know how it is
Then call him gods shame Lucifer
Was the name
He reigns over earth then say he is a curse
The mankind was blind then looks not behind
One praise the false god you have
the wrong prop
Take the right way before its too late

Jesus the heretic he purchased
The way into paradise
Jesus the heretic tell the mankind nothing
then lies
Jesus the heretic all what he want
is to become a god

Jesus must die again and again
Cross the false prophet ever and ever again


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