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The edge of forever by Symphony X is part of the album "The Damnation Game" and comes under the genre Classic Rock,General , Pop,General , Rock,General. It was released on 26 Jan 2010 under the label of INSIDE OUT. Copyright holded by 1995 InsideOut Music.

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Lyrics of The edge of forever

Pictures of what used to be,
lie in pieces on the floor
finds himself in an empty room,
her voice calls out to him
he opens the door, but there's no one there
no one there...

Draped in a silken glow of moonlight
through the mist I see, a lucid cathedral appears to me.
pray for a glimpse of touch of sunlight
chain our shadow down, night settles in, my love,
you never make a sound.

Love is flowing from my fingertips
never in control of this domain.
All around me, my essence lay
watch the vultures circle through the pouring rain.

Close your eyes - and try to remember
discordant lullabies of days gone by.
Close your eyes - on the edge of forever
a chance to dream, fast asleep your nightmare ends.

As the walls converge around me.
castles crumbling down, everything is not
as it seems to be.

Once more, I fells I must return
no more will my soul burn. Dawn breaks the ground,
my love,
and with it you fade away...

refrain (2x)

My love never dies...


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