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Lyrics of Sky pirates

I am a pirate!
I am a pirate!
Suave and dashing, sabers flashing,
Bodies crashing, molars gnashing!
What a pleasure,
Seeking treasure!
All the stealing, and concealing,
And the keeling, what a feeling!

Take the sky by thunder!
It is so wonderful to plunder!
When a village needs a pillage,
And my pockets need a fillage,
You know what I'm saying?

We are pi-rates!
Sky pi-rates!
Just think of all the people we can cheat!
What a great career,
As a buccaneer!
It keeps us in the air and off the street!
Off the street!

We are pi-rates!
Sky pi-rates!
We're as good at being bad as bad can get!
And the biggest prize,
Stands before our eyes,
To capture captivating Cape Suzette!
Cape Suzette!
Cape Suzette!!
Cape Suzette!!!

"One... more... time!"


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