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Lyrics of Say It Loud

She wakes up in a garden, she wakes up warm and dry
And everything she wants and needs is at her fingertips
In spite of this the way that she decides to start the day
Is by pissing on the ground that held her warm and dry

She will consume this garden, she'll face no consequence
There is nothing left and she is beyond any retribution
As far as she can see this all belongs to her
And what she wanted from the start was to have everything

No more need to worry
Now we look so young
Stay at home and get so high
It's all she wants you to say tonight

So say it loud

She wakes up in a wasteland, it doesn't matter where
It's like this everyplace and nothing that she does can save her
Now that she has lost the need to see beyond her cute accessories


She only wants a place to stay
It's gotta have good light and no rent to pay
If she has to settle for less than that
She'll go where drugs are cheap and the food will still get you fat

Say it loud
It's gonna be fine
It's all in your mind
We're all doin' it right go on and close your eyes
It's gonna be fine
Stay home and get high
We're all turnin' out right
Inhale and close your eyes

Everything will be just fine
As long as you just close your eyes, yes
Everything will be just fine
As long as you stay home and get so high
Get so high

She wants to get so high, go on and close your eyes...


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