Lyrics of Run Away


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Lyrics of Run Away

I am running out of things to say
Cover up my need to change this situation
I cannot escape
All the while my mind is screaming
Realize the time is right
Don't ask why just say goodbye
I am so compelled to listen
Don't apologize just run away

Run away
Run away
Just run away
You gotta run away

No indecision, no plan no path to take
Just keep moving blindly towards what gives me pleasure
Compliment the pain
All the while my body's screaming

Realize the time is right
Open up and take it all inside
I take it, reach out, I take it
Anything I want now, run away


I am the dark heart that everyone clings to
The vice, and the lust, and the violence that you glorify
For the masses, those cannibal masses
Devour the world, but this time they can't run away

I got the answer
I'm taking everything
If you feel right now
It's all because of me

So I am running...


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