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Reconnect by Director is part of the album "''We Thrive on Big Cities" .

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Lyrics of Reconnect

I'm tired of sitting round the house
I'm tired of doing without
I want to reconnect with you

I'm tracing paints on the wall
Where i'm projecting a phone call
There i had yesterday with you

And i forget just what i made
When i say whatever i said
That wasn't me, that was just talking

And oh let met that from the start
I was alone you stole my heart
That was as far as i can see

Sweet talking gets me off the hook
Returns the liberty i took
And all you have to say is “fine”

And i'll continue as i do
I look to everything but you
I'm missing you are mine

My memory is playing round the clock
Your voice is telling me to stop
My hands are working by themselves

My brain is dead
My heart is cold
I'm shaking
Fear is taking home
There i am feeling something else

There's something running down my face
My thing are lying round the place
I want to reconnect with you

I'm tracing paints on the wall
I wonder why you haven't call

I want to reconnect with you (7x)


'Reconnect' was the debut single of Irish art rock quartet, Director. It was released on 24 April 2006, eventually dominating the Irish airwaves throughout the summer and receiving much radio play from Irish radio stations such as RTÉ 2fm and Today FM. The single charted in Ireland at number ten, spending a total of twelve weeks in the Irish Singles Chart.

National broadcaster, RTÉ, noted the song alongside third single 'Leave It to Me' as one of the better tracks on the album, 'We Thrive on Big Cities'. 'Reconnect' has also been referred to as one of Director's 'biggest hits'. In 2009, the 'Irish Independent' referred to the song as 'a debut single of exceptional potency', saying that its release had prompted excitement in 'even those not normally given to hyperbole'. 'Reconnect' was credited by some with helping Director win Best New Irish Act at the 2007 Meteor Awards.

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