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Piggyback by Bob Schneider is part of the album "I'm Good Now" and comes under the genre Rock,General , Rock,Singer-Songwriters. It was released on 20 Aug 2009 under the label of Brando Records. Copyright holded by 2010 Brando Records.

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Lyrics of Piggyback

I read about a guy
when he was 23 years old
stood there three feet tall
man that's pretty small

but then he grew
to over 7 foot 4
where he found he
just couldn't walk no more

and mama had to go away
but daddy says I'll see her again
one day soon
when we go to heaven

and daddy had a hook
where his hand used to be
he said that hand weren't no good
for me anyway

all I want's a piggyback ride
wo get to the other side
of this big beautiful bed
with beautiful coulds
inside my head

for 30 hours
and 15 minutes
jimmy kissed his girl
in front of the whole wide world

on national tv
that's a long time
not to drink or eat
or take a pee

all I wants a piggyback ride
to get to the other side
of this beautiful workd
sleep in a big beautiful bed
with beautiful clouds
inside my head


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