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Lyrics of Piano Song

honest to god
i don't even remember...
i don't think that i've
ever felt this way;
honest, today,
i don't even know my name;
i had to fall on the floor
for your hands to reach for me;
you tell me how you'd love
for me to stay;
you say it a lot, but
she used to say the same;

i believed her
and i'm starting to think
that i'll believe you too,
but first i have to know...

that you'll leave me whole;
just leave me whole
and i'll be alright;
never let me go
and let me know if i ever might;
and i need you to know
to just wait for me to trust
and hold on because
no matter what you say
you can't stop the world
that's in my head;

i've lied when i've said
'i love you' before...
with you, i don't have
to lie anymore...


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