Pandora's music box by Mind's Eye is part of the album "A Gentleman's Hurricane" .

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Lyrics of Pandora's music box

Have to make the choice of whom
Who should live and who should rule
The end of the rainbow is here

So the persecution begins
Which the laws of ancient rituals, of course forbid
They told me to turn the other cheek, express humanity
An eye for an eye seems reasonable to me

Purify my rights
Vendetta in my mind
The way that you always treated me
Crushing a bright future
A dream
The scars that you left
Physically and mentally
Inside of me
The beast in me attempts to come alive

Who dares to open Pandora's Box?
The end of light and start of dark
Who cares to listen to the tones made for the gods?
Your cross won't help you now it won't
Oh these ashes will redeem
White and clean like sanity, if you will

Who are you to point fingers
A garden always got one rotten rose, look at me
We, we are but wicked men
Trying to raise the bar of hope
Nailing shut the last coffin

Purify my rights
Vendetta in mind
The way that you used the bible priest
Smashing my face with discipline
The scars that you left
Locking hate and misery
Inside of me
The beast in me attempts to come alive
Come alive

Half the world know the reasons
Why I hate you so much lord
My life is like a book
You read and you want more
What more is there to do
What more is there to add

I am going nowhere
Facing my demons
Better to abort the plan
No rescuing
My destiny is shut
Who had the guts to open Pandora's Box?
Goodbye to light enter the dark
Once you burned bright now you feel cold

I want to be like one of you
Perfect wife and a dog, how I envy you all
One last kiss
The truth shall set you free
Lucky me that you wore black

A tired, weak old man
Three shots away from home


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