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Nowhere by Symphorce comes under the genre Hard Rock & Metal,General , Pop,General , Rock,General , Rock,Progressive. It was released on 06 Sep 2005 under the label of Metal Blade Records. Copyright holded by (C) 2005 Metal Blade Records, Inc..

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Lyrics of Nowhere

The walls are closing in, my life is passing by
There's something you should know, but never ask me why
In a room without a view, where all our souls will last
But all you hear and see is dark, but still you ask: tell me why

Why can't you hear me
Why can't you dry my tears
Nowhere, that's the place where your arm your fears
Tell me why

Why don't you see me
Why don't we pass it by
Nowhere, I'm here to tell you why

You're treading on my dreams, the one who taught me how
I hide my feelings, but all those memories brought me down
My reason to believe, still hope is coming through
The downward spiral never ends and I'm losing you!


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