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Narcisista por excelencia by Panda is part of the album "Amantes Sunt Amentes" and comes under the genre Rock,General. It was released on 24 Oct 2006 under the label of WM Mexico. Copyright holded by 2006 Warner Music México, S.A. de C.V., bajo licencia exclusiva de Movic Records, S.A. de C.V..

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Lyrics of Narcisista por excelencia

Sabes que es la inseguridad,
Sabes lo que es sentir la soledad,
Mi peor error fue haber
aceptado mi fealdad

You know it's insecurity
You know what it is to feel the loneliness,
My biggest mistake was accepting my ugliness

Porque ahora ya no tengo donde esconder el miedo
Y el miedo sigue vivo se la vive aquí conmigo
Yo me baso en la apariencia con placer y sin conciencia
Esperando a que algún día tu atención fijes en mí

Because now I have no fear to hide
And the fear is still alive it is lived here with me
I base myself on the look with pleasure and without conscious
Waiting for your attention someday pay attention to me

Es por eso que ahora visto así
Quiero ser elegante y estilero hasta el fin
No podré proyectarlo me lo tengo que creer

That's why now been well
I want to be elegant and to the end estilero
Can not project what I have to believe me

Suponiendo que en la gente la belleza es natural
Pues belleza es la palabra que aun no logro concretar,
Disfraz, disfraz, narcisista artificial,
Disfraz, disfraz, todo es mental...

Assuming that people's natural beauty
Well, beauty is the word that still can not get concrete
Costume, costume, narcissistic artificial
Costume, costume, everything is mental

Como me peinaré esta noche
Que ropa me combinará mejor
Tener tu interés, convertirlo en amor,
Quisiera poder saber que piensas
¿Me veré bien o acaso me veo mal?
Se que es patético, pero en mi es normal...

As peinaré me tonight
That best combine my clothes
Have your interest, make love
I would like to know what you think
Will I be good or maybe I am wrong?
It is pathetic, but in my normal

refrain (2x)

Refrain (2x)


'Narcicista por excelencia' (English: 'Narcicist by excellence') is a rock song by the Mexican band Panda. It was released in September 2006 as the first single from the band's fourth album, 'Amantes Sunt Amentes'. The song was written by José Madero, the vocalist of the band.

The name of the actor that appears on the video clip is Alfonso Carlo.

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