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Mission profile by Threshold comes under the genre Classic Rock,General , Pop,General , Rock,General. It was released on 26 Jan 2010 under the label of INSIDE OUT. Copyright holded by 2004 InsideOut Music.

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Lyrics of Mission profile

Can we go on can we be strong

We've got a system you're going to use it
We call it freedom and you are free to choose it
If you're not against it you've got to be for it
Neutral is dangerous and you cannot ignore it

Can we go on forcing our hand
Can we be strong till others understand
Can we go on to save our wounded land
Can we be wrong

We've got the money we're going to spend it
Peace is our mission we'll murder to defend it
Sooner or later you'll get the picture
We're the creator and you were just created

Devastation is where we're heading if we follow this illusion
Escalation of all the hurting that is borne of our confusion
Unrelenting as we persist in putting everyone beneath us
Never ending until we understand our honesty deceives us

There is still one truth on which we can depend
We've started something we can never end

We know although we try to justify the means
The truth behind the end remains unseen
And while we all assume we all agree
We're giving up the freedom to be free

Disillusion is always possible but we've got propaganda
Mass confusion is always better than the threat of understanding
We'll deceive you we've got so many ways to make you stand behind us
If we need to we'll use them on ourselves to constantly remind us

There is just one lie that we can still defend
We've started something we can never end


There is still one truth on which we can depend
We've started something we can never end



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