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Johnny by October Project is part of the album "Falling Farther In" and comes under the genre Pop,General. It was released on 19 Sep 1995 under the label of Epic. Copyright holded by 1995 Sony Music Entertainment Inc..

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Lyrics of Johnny

There was Johnny like a stranger
Living in a small town
Measuring the small time
He was thinner than a razor
Johnny in a small town
Living with his thumb on the trigger
Wishing he could be
Just a little bit bigger
To the heart of himself

He was trouble in the making
Trouble in the keeping
History repeating
He was walking into danger
Johnny in a small town
Looking for a light in the tunnel
Creeping in the dark and
Doubting that the sun'll
To the heart of himself

And he tells himself it'll be alright
Happiness is just around the corner
And he tells himself
It'll be okay
Happiness is just a life away

She was pretty as a picture
Shining in a window
Everybody said so
What did johnny have to give her
Johnny in a small town
Putting on a suit he had borrowed
Knowing she would probably
Leave him tomorrow
Weak and alone with himself


Everything is different but
It's all the same to him
Everything is nothing like it was
Before she came
Before she stayed
And went away

She left Johnny like a stranger
Waiting in a small town
Measuring the small time
Nights were longer than the days were
Living in a small town
Looking for a door he could open
Hoping that he wouldn't break until he broken
To the heart of himself

refrain (2x)

A life away
Just a life away


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