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Lyrics of Help Us—Save Us—Take Us Away

God is born no place no time
The bills of god are linked to crime

Save my ways were rich and poor
Melt down everything to purify it

The dark eye of Satan is looking at me
Through the gates of the underworld
Everything spirit - mind, call on my words

Never, never, no place no time imagine a stormin' of the turn of fire
Help us, save us, take us away
Lost the battle with the due respect
The end of time will be the end of game
Last of man kind come into view
The gates of hell are open for you

Help us, Save us, Take us away!


'Help Us—Save Us—Take Us Away' is a KMFDM single from their 1992 album, 'Money'. The 'Schnitzel Mix' is identical to the album version.

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