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Lyrics of Fools Like You & I

The world is full of searchers

Fools like you and I

Who spend their lifetime looking

For castles in the sky

Who'd walk right past tomorrow

And the treasures close at hand

Would rather play their own tune

Then settle for the band

The most go through life day by day

The searchers somehow seem

To cast aside their dented pride

And live it dream by dream

Never knowing what they're after

But with hopes that they may pick

For their fair share of laughter

With the tears they've shed today

Living and forgiving

When they have given all

Flying with the eagles

And learning how to fall

And time will be their master

Hope will be their king

Contentment their disaster

And now they're everything

The world is full of searchers

Fools like you and I

So take my hand and we'll go find

Some castles in the sky


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