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Constantly by Cross Canadian Ragweed is part of the album "Purple" and comes under the genre Country,General. It was released on 31 Oct 2006 under the label of Show Dog Universal Music. Copyright holded by (C) 2006 Universal South Records, LLC.

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Lyrics of Constantly

Cross Canadian Ragweed - Constantly

She's got that certain thing about her
Sometimes it drops me to my knees
Sometimes it makes it hard to love her
But I always come around and see

Hey lady, I'm nothin' without you
Hey baby, you're nothin' without me
We got it constantly

One look from her eyes gets me thinkin'
What the hell could I have done this time
But it's love that I mistake for anger
The woman drives me outta my mind

(Repeat Chorus)

Can't wrap my mind around her leavin'
If she did they'd surely find me gone
Tons of heartache upon piles of grieving
Not a chance in hell I could carry on

(Repeat Chorus)

She's got that certain thing about her


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