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Lyrics of Circles are broken

Why don't you rise up and tell me
why be confused , set your soul free
another within, ... I'm suffering inside
Don't have to be god to realize
will someone get out here ... alive
another within, I'm suffering inside
a life in a mirror, the mindless eyes
your choice will be rotten, by charming lies
and soon you'll come in, the circle begins
so deep inside, worlds between
when fools will step in
well it's written between the lines
the future is painted skies
so deep inside
now can you feel me
When circles are broken
Now, will the sun rise ?
These circles are broken
Shine within your light
Silent fears are deep inside
Now you have to ... hate me
They say god is on your side
And it's plain to see
Out of controls my role with you
Pass me by
Our real world has slipped away
Inner cry
What is real in the storm of the wasteland
Come on over it's more than the black sand
When you're touching the earth... your fate will wait !


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