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Lyrics of Bill Jones General Store

There's an old wood sign just outside of Stratton, Maine

And it says, “If we ain't got it, you don't need it --

Bill Jones General Store.”


I can hear the creakin' of rusty old screen door

Smell the penny candy in Bill Jones' General Store

The pipe smoke and tobacco, wet boots on the floor

Campbell's Soup and shotgun shell at Bill Jones' General Store

The cold and snow would blow against the plastic window pane

The old wood stove would kindle and try to dry the rain

I know the times are changing but it won't be the same

For now the doors are bolted, Bill and Ruth are gone from town

The rooms are cold and empty, they'll probably tear it down

But Herky(?), Wright, and Whitey still sit outside the door

Waitin' for that quart of beer at Bill Jones' General Store



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