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Lyrics of Away

Caught in a whirlwind of distractions
I'm losing touch with You
So many thoughts oh they're racing through my head
They're chasing me
I've got to run faster

I'm tired, so tired of falling for all their lies
I need You, please take me
Please help me out

You're my escape
Take me away
I'm lettin go of myself
You're my escape
Take me away and give me wings to fly

Lost in the words I can't find
As I'm reaching for time
I close me eyes oh You're leading me
But I'm fighting to stay

Can You help me
Oh take me far away from this place
I need You, please help me out


I want to get away
To find myself in You
So take me, away

Oh won't You take me away


Oh to fly, oh to fly
Until I find myself in You
Oh to fly, oh to fly
Oh to fly


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