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Avalon by Lovebugs is part of the album "In Every Waking Moment" .

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Lyrics of Avalon

I want to run but I can't hide
The feelings grow inside
Love will always find its way
I want to turn but it's too late
Love will always conquer hate
Just one kiss and I'm okay

I want you to be my Avalon
The sweet unknown
Come on over and take on me
I want you to see my Avalon
The love has grown
From here to eternity

I never felt this way before
I'm scared but still want more
Love will always find its time
I've been waiting for so long
For this moment sweet to come
Just one kiss and you'll be fine


You're a mystery
What you are to me
Is everything that I am not
Take me by my hand
Oh, make me understand
Make me understand

Love goes on and on and on
Love goes on and on and on


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