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Lyrics of A toast to broken glass

He wonders why he made those choices
I guess he made them all for you
Got something that he wants to tells you
Got something you should know
Everyone is laughing at you
They all laugh behind your back
They talk about when you were different
They talk about when you fell of track
These fathers don't know the difference
They just see their sons & smile
Even though he is burning all his bridges
These things just take a while
He looks back for the last time
Then he leaves but we all know he'll be back
A toast to broken glass (Treading bloody feet)
An oath that never lasts (His father shield a tear)

Through the desert marching slowly
Walking towards the green
In a forest so damp and withered
Where nothing is what it seems
To the mountains way beyond him
Sees his fathers face in rocks
Gotta get there, gotta keep goin
But now his smile drops
Gone back to where he started
Gone back to hell know where
Finds some water in a bottle can't open
This thirst is his despair
Falls to his knees and crying
Crying won't get you anywhere

I still love you, yes I still love you

I still believe in you & I forgive you father's son
I still have faith in you, but now I have to walk away
The virgin whore is silver
A silver gun loaded to your head
His friends all turn away from him
They told him he'd be better of dead


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