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Lyrics of A Long Ride Home

I woke up this morning

Picked my pride off of the floor

Poured some cream into my coffee

Took the lock off of the door

And all the dreams I thought were real

Had faded with the night

And as I thought, I wondered

Who turned on the light

A long ride home, a long ride home

It looks like it's gonna be a long ride home

Then I thought about sweet Jesus

When He tried to lend a hand

But they cut it off despite Him

And they drove Him through the land

And a young man took a ripping whip

They nailed Him to a stake

Then they gave the Giver lessons

And all that He could take


Will I ever find again

The love that once was there

Will I ever leave behind this sorrow and despair

In my life, in my time have I tried to hurt

Have all the children's voices

Vanished from the earth

(repeat Chorus to fade)


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